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The impetus for the Tea Party movement is excessive government spending and taxation. Our mission is to attract, educate, organize, and mobilize our fellow citizens to secure public policy consistent with our three core values of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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We have moved off wordpress and are now hosting our own web site.
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Monday, March 19, 2012

National Defense Resources Preparedness: Obama Authorizes Gov to Seize Farms, Food, Processing Plants, Energy Resources, Transportation, Skilled Laborers During National Emergency

This Executive Order itself is nothing more than a restatement of policy that has been in place in decades and grants no authority to the President or the Cabinet that they don’t already have under existing law…


There are, perhaps, some issues worth discussing that this EO raises. The fact that the President of the United States is still exercising authority granted during the Korean War and the height of the Cold War is yet another reflection of how power, once assumed by the Imperial Presidency, is never surrendered.

The fact that an Executive Order like this was released on a Friday afternoon and has been largely ignored by the traditional media is an indication of just how easy it is for politicians to manipulate the news cycle. And the idea that the government has authority like that described in this document, even only in theory, and that most Americans aren’t even aware of it, is a reflection of just how little we know about the things that are done in our name. Those are all legitimate issues, but they go far deeper than  this one…

As of March 16, 2012, your land, your food, your water and your abilities as a laborer are now a wholly owned subsidiary of the United States government at any time they choose to initiate the provisions of this order, which according to the order itself, can be during an emergency or a non-emergency.

While some reports indicate that the general impact of this new executive order is negligible, when considered with the broader implications including the  introduction and passage of laws allowing for the indefinite detention of American citizens without charge or trial, restricting the general assembly of individuals to protest, the establishment of an internet ‘kill switch’ contingency plan and jamming of all non-government communications, the existence of FEMA refugee and detainment camps, coupled with confirmations that the U.S. government is training members of the armed forces for domestic policing duties and preparing for economic collapse and civil unrest, this latest legislation may very well be the final nail in the coffin for American liberty as we have known it under the US Constitution.

When implemented simultaneously with existing laws and Presidential orders, the National Defense Resources Preparedness executive order establishes a clear chain of command and control over all aspects of American life in what can only be described as a police state under martial law.

source: Executive Doomsday Order: Obama Authorizes Gov to Seize Farms, Food, Processing Plants, Energy Resources, Transportation, Skilled Laborers During National Emergency

Monday, March 12, 2012

March 20th 2012 Republican Primary Ballot for Warren County

A couple things;

First: I have attached the March 20th 2012 Republican Primary Ballot for Warren county.  Depending where you live it may be a little different than what you see in the ballot box on the 20th but this is what is available ahead of time. 

Please look these people up and see what they stand for.  Call them and tell them you are in the TEA Party and you want to know what they stand for in regards to Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government, Free Markets (TEA Party core values).  Ask them about issues that concern you personally.  Be educated about who you vote for. 

This is how our government has got out of control. (IF) we go to the polls, most of the people on the ballot we have never heard of and/or have no idea what the stand for.  I have been guilty of this but not any more.  That is how we end up with people like Obama in office.  This is how we end up with representatives that pass things like the NDAA, 66% state tax hikes and the like.  Let's be determined not to let this happen this election cycle.

Second:  Tonight at 6:30pm at the Eagles Club in Monmouth we are launching a new preparedness group.  This will be a group that shares knowledge and skills about being self reliant and prepared of foreseen and unforeseen emergencies.  Please be there if you can.

download pdf: March 20th 2012 Republican Primary Ballot for Warren county

Call or email if you have any questions: 309-760-4114

Monday, March 5, 2012

NDAA Nullification Passes Virginia Senate by a Veto-Proof 39-1 Vote – Tenth Amendment Center


Today, the Virginia Senate took a firm stand in support of liberty, the Constitution for the United States, and the Constitution of Virginia by voting in favor of House Bill 1160 (HB1160), the “NDAA Nullification Act.”

The final vote was 39-1.

After a motion to recommit (delay until next year) went down to the wire before being rejected yesterday (report here), groups across the political spectrum activated in support of the legislation, which codifies in law that no agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia – including defense forces and national guard troops, will comply with or assist the federal government in any way under it’s newly claimed powers to arrest and detain without due process.


The bill’s primary sponsor, Delegate Bob Marshall, had this to say in support:

“During World War II, the federal government incarcerated tens of thousands of loyal Japanese Americans in the name of national security. By this bill, Virginia declares that it will not participate in similar modern-day efforts.

Even President Obama had questions about the bill, when he promised the American people that he would not use the unrestrained powers it granted him — but why should we trust any President with such powers?

There are moments in our history when our liberties hang in the balance. This is one of those moments. I urge the Senate…to lead the way in the nation to ensure that Virginia will not cooperate when the Federal Government strays off the reservation with laws that take away the civil liberties of our citizens.”


Last Thursday, the Tenth Amendment Center, in partnership with the Bill of Rights Defense Committee and Demand Progress held a media conference with experts and legislators from across the political spectrum. On hand were a former Al Gore advisor and a former Reagan administration member. (full report here)

The message was resounding, and echoed by the Jr. Senator from Loudoun Virginia on the floor today, “Wherever you fall on the political spectrum, any law that passes congress that has those provisions should be a deep concern, and I hope that we can all agree on this one issue.”

While the bill doesn’t directly block federal agents from carrying out their new NDAA powers, this is part and parcel of a larger NDAA nullification campaign around the country. Currently 7 local governments have passed resolutions ranging from a denouncement of the federal act in three Colorado counties to requiring noncompliance with it in places like Fairfax, CA and Northampton, MA. And, 7 states are currently considering legislation like Virginia’s – all based off the model legislation provided by the Tenth Amendment Center, the Liberty Preservation Act.


Here at the Tenth Amendment Center, we define nullification as “any act or set of acts which has as its end result a particular law being rendered null, void, or unenforceable in a specific area.” With that definition in mind, we see nullification of the new “kidnapping powers” of the NDAA as a multi-step process.

1. Education - awareness. This is where local and state resolutions come into play. When something is passed, even non-binding, it gets press coverage about the idea that the local and state people have a role to play in this.

2. Non-compliance – as just passed by the Virginia House and Senate, and being considered in various other states and local communities. The message? Your unconstitutional federal act is not welcome here!

Gandhi, Rosa Parks and others didn’t take it beyond there. We recognize that in almost every situation, the federal government relies on states being silent or even fully complicit. Information sharing, logistics, and even national guard troops carrying out orders are activities that could be asked of state and local governments. Could the feds still kidnap at that point if the state refuses compliance? Sure, “legally” nothing has changed. But if 10-15 states and a hundred or so counties and cities are making clear they will not comply and that they consider the act unconstitutional, it’s going to be much tougher for them, if not politically impossible, than if everybody just complied and waited for the courts or another election to “save” them.

3. Resistance and physical interposition – Some, of course, believe that the feds can never be stopped without a physical resistance. But this may not be required if enough states and localities take noncompliance seriously in #2 above. But, we also see the value in running the full spectrum of options from the simplest to the strongest in various parts of the country. In Washington State, the bill there is full non-compliance. Matt Shea and Jason Overstreet, the primary sponsors, feel they can get that moving forward, and hope to follow up with criminal penalties in a future bill. Then, potentially another to require arrest of fed agents for kidnapping could be considered. In Missouri, they’re tracking along the same lines.

In Tennessee, though, the bill being considered right now refers to indefinite detention as a “kidnapping” charge and requires the local sheriffs to stop them. (info here)


HB1160 received a minor amendment in the Senate before passage and now goes back to the House for Concurrence. The bill previously passed the house by a vote of 96-4 so it’s expected that the amended version will sail through as well. The Amendment reads as follows:

§ 1. Notwithstanding any contrary provision of law, no agency or political subdivision of the Commonwealth, or employee of same acting in his official capacity, shall aid an agency of the United States in the unlawful detention of any United States citizen pursuant to 50 U.S.C. § 1541 as provided by the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (P.L. 112-81, § 1021).

Delegate Marshall previously reported that Governor Bob McDonnell is opposing this legislation. And, even with such large veto-proof votes in both the House and Senate, Virginia residents are encouraged to take action today. Those living in Virginia are encouraged to contact their Senators with words of thanks for passing HB1160 (at this link) AND the Governor’s office (at this link) in support of this legislation now.


CLICK HERE – to view 4 versions of the model bill, the Liberty Preservation Act, for introduction in your state, city, county or town

CLICK HERE – to track the status of the Liberty Preservation Act around the country.

Michael Boldin [send him email] is the founder of the Tenth Amendment Center. He was raised in Milwaukee, WI, and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. Follow him on twitter - @michaelboldin, on LinkedIn, and on Facebook.

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NDAA Nullification Passes Virginia Senate by a Veto-Proof 39-1 Vote – Tenth Amendment Center

Friday, March 2, 2012

Protect Your Gun Rights

---- This is from Illinois State Rifle Association ----



Your Attendance Urgently Needed at Massive Gun Rights Rally on March 7th

As many of you know, the Illinois House Executive Committee sent two extremely anti-gun bills to the floor yesterday:

HB5831 – this bill would tack a $65.00 tax on every hand gun you own and require you to register like a sex offender.

HB5167 – this bill would tack a 2% “Sin Tax” on all ammunition sales in the state with the proceeds from the tax going to a fund to help pay for a healthcare program for gang bangers and drug lords.


The Emanuel/Obama gun haters aren’t being the least bit bashful about their intent, they have made it clear that they will “screw-over” gun owners by any means possible


1. Demonstrate your support for your gun rights – attend IGOLD 2012 - Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day on March 7th. See for further details.

2. Contact your State Representative and politely inform him/her that you are a law-abiding firearm owner and that you do not support taxing ammunition and you do not support registering firearm owners like sex offenders. Tell him/her that you expect to see them vote AGAINST HB5831 and AGAINST HB5167 when these antigun bills come to the floor. If you do not know who your State Representative is, click this link to go to the Illinois Board of Elections: .

3. Contact the sponsor of the ammo tax, State Representative Kelly Cassidy,, (217) 782-8088, (773) 784-2002, and tell her that you do not appreciate the idea of being taxed to pay gang bangers’ medical bills.

4. Contact the chief co-sponsor of the ammo tax, State Representative Kimberly du Buclet, , (217) 782-2023, (773) 285-1110, and tell her that you do not appreciate the idea of being taxed to pay gang bangers’ medical bills.

5. Contact the sponsor of the Emanuel/Obama gun tax, State Representative William Davis, (217) 782-8197, (708) 799-7300, and tell him that you do not appreciate the idea of being registered like a sex offender and having to pay a tax for exercising your constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

6. Pass this alert on to all your gun owning friends and family, tell them to follow the instructions above.

7. Post this alert to any and all Internet bulletin boards or blogs to which you belong.


Thursday, February 16, 2012